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To economically and socially empower women and girls in Malawi leveraging on sustainable Information and Communication Technologies.


Purple Innovation for Women is an Non-Governmental Organisation registered as a Trust in Malawi in 2016.The Vision is to advance women empowerment and reduce

violence against women and girls through increased training and access to digital and traditional information on interventions on women and girls in Malawi.

Our Expertise

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to demonstrate the impact of women and girl-child interventions in Malawi through dedicated training that empowers women and girls with skills and knowledge to lead the fight against Gender-Based Violence and poverty.
We seek to contribute to realizing a Malawi where solutions for the challenges affecting women and girls are driven by women and girls, while operating as a sustainable organisation.


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Our Work

One-third of women in Malawi have experienced physical violence by the age of 15. In 2015, 16% of women experienced physical violence which was mostly perpetrated by a current husband or partner.While 24% of women who have not been married experience violence from brothers or sisters. The UNFPA reports that violence against women and girls is a consequence and cause of HIV and AIDS globally. Malawi is no different. The Country has a long road to eradication of HIV and AIDS despite the target of 2030 as the year for ending HIV and AIDS in the Country.

Purple Innovation is a women-led a not-for-profit organization that was registered as a non-profit organization in Malawi in 2016. The focus of Purple Innovation is on promoting a safe and empowering Malawi for women and is implementing women empowerment and protection programmes in Northern Malawi Districts of NkhataBay and Mzimba Districts. Leveraging on innovative scalable open source technology is one of the cornerstones for accelerating the attainment of our Vision.

Our Progress So far

Women Entrepreneurs
Female Students Engaged
Businesses Established
Communities Impacted

Our Awesome Team

Patricia Mtungila

Executive Director & Secretary to the Board

Edith Kansilanga


Lumbani Sichinga

Treasurer of the Board

Kondwani Gondwe


Jackson Phiri

Vice Chair of the Board

Bickson Machila


Mabvuto Hara

The Chairperson of the Board

Mecy Mwapasa Zimpita


Mercy Alinafe Mwapasa Zimpita is a Trustee of the Board of Purple Innovation and a Nutrition specialist by profession with 10 years of experience working with different Government Ministries including Gender for a year.

We are here to promote the wellbeing of girls through Innovation and entrepreneurship in order to reduce vulnerability to gender-based violence

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